Go outside and play!

We’re pretty sure the birds building the nest in our filbert are Bushtits. Very small birds, they spent the weekend making the inside cozy with fluff from a ball of wool we hung on the porch, and giving us the ol’ stink eye because we were working on the front porch.

Yep, you read that right: we’re back to working on the porch! We got a couple of soffits up, and re-papered the gable end (a winter storm blew off the paper we had up). I’d hoped to get more done, but as is always the case, everything took longer than we thought.

I also got a fair bit of yard work done — lots of weeding, and planted swiss chard and tomatoes and petunias. I clipped back all the plants overflowing the front rockery and pulled out four yard waste bags of ivy, vinca minor, and ground covers. We spent pretty much the entire weekend outside, so no housework got done and only minimal cooking. Amelia didn’t care that we were outside; she had a prime perch in the window, where she could bask in the glorious sunshine!


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  1. gorgeous cat! And you’re just like me in the ‘everything takes longer than planned’ regard, I don’t know how it happens!

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