The devil is in the details

It’s Monday. I’m having a bad hair day, I left the house this morning without putting my wedding ring back on (had taken it off to clean some pans), we had a new employee start this morning and I do all the HR, I lost a button off my blouse, I was still working on my first cup of coffee at 11 am, and we had a phone provider switch-over at 5 pm that didn’t go as planned and for which I am the sacrificial lamb point person. Maybe I’m not in the best mindset to screen resumes. Or maybe, I’m in the perfect mindset.

We have a few positions that we are hiring for at the office, and one of them is our most central: the administrative assistant. This person supports our entire staff and is the go-to for everything. As such, they must be practically perfect in every way – which includes written communication. I have zero tolerance for typos on a resume for an admin assistant. Misplaced commas? Random capitalization of common words? Inconsistent tenses? Wonky bullet formatting? Inappropriate comma usage? Not a chance.

I got one resume where the applicant only capitalized her first name. Another claimed to be an “expert” in MS Word, and yet the indents and line spacing on her resume wandered like a two year-old in a toy store. One referenced an online source we did not place the ad at, another left a previous company name in her form letter introduction, and countless people applied for a job for which they have absolutely no experience or qualifications for.  After reading a hundred resumes, I came up with 6 that passed muster. Let’s hope at least one passes the in-person interview this week.

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    and then actually wants the job.

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