All work and no play

It’s been crazy busy at work. Insanely, unflinchingly, unrelentingly busy. The kind of busy where I add more items to my To-Do list every day than I get to cross off, and I’m not just days behind on things, I’m months behind. We are actively hiring several people, but it takes time – time nobody has, time I cannot afford to devote to resume screening and interviewing because I have this gigantic To-Do list looming over me.

But I set that aside and I place ads and meet with recruiters and wade through hundreds of applicants because it’s an important task; it’s a task that will eventually make the workload more bearable for me and everyone else on staff. Human Resources is just one hat I wear, but for the past couple of months that hat has been firmly on my head and my others are gathering dust but not entirely on the shelf – because I still have to get payroll submitted, pay consultants, send out invoices, harass CenturyLink to fix our internet, keep an eye on project budgets, get contracts out the door, meet with the electrician about adding another workstation, get financials to the owners, and troubleshoot a million things for the staff.

We hired one person last week, brought in a temp for another position to bridge a gap. An offer is on the table for another, and next week I bring back two applicants for second interviews. We are making progress, which is the only thing that keeps me from going batshit crazy when I add another page to my To-Do list. I think it’s four or five pages long now. I’m afraid to count.

All this to say, I think that explains my weekends recently. I have no desire to tackle a large project. I don’t want to make any decisions, choose anything, or figure out what is for dinner.

And so, this weekend I put buttons on knitting projects that were otherwise completed. I finished two pairs of pajamas that were mostly sewn. These small accomplishments felt huge. I finished something! I finished several things! If I had a To-Do list at home, I could have struck several things from it. I even finished a Christmas present that I started three years ago, a pillow cover (I still need to buy the pillow, but that can wait).

I cherish my weekends. It’s my time to decompress, to NOT think about work. Tackling the finishing touches on these projects made me feel like maybe I am capable of getting stuff done (despite my To-Do list at work). I studiously ignored my email, even the one from my boss. Instead, I allowed myself to relax, to unwind, to knock some things out of my WIP basket.

And starting that sock at last night’s Rat City Roller Girls game? Just plain fun. 🙂

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  1. Ooh, pretty socks 🙂

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