That’s a wrap

This weekend I worked on the porch. The porch is substantial and visually “heavy”, and the 4X4 posts looked spindly (though structurally they are plenty strong enough); we decided to wrap the posts with a finished layer of wood to make them beefier and to hide the brackets that secure the beams. I got all but one done; the post next to the front door has to wait because we are still working on the roofline right next to the post, and I don’t want to damage the finished surface on accident. I caulked all the seams but have not primed / painted the posts yet (they are pre-primed, but have raw edges where we cut them down).

Chris has most of the siding up in the gable end of the porch,with just the oddball small pieces left to put up along the edges.

There’s still a lot to do – more seams to caulk. some sanding, painting, building final stairs, putting up the ceiling cedar and installing the lights —- but things we are working on now give visual impact to the porch, so it’s more gratifying.

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