The sweater that wasn’t

This morning I valiantly fought off the urge to Cast On Something New, which I consider a victory of sorts. It went like this:

I was sipping my coffee and thinking about my day, and suddenly I thought, “Hey! I should knit a baby sweater! Ooooh, it’s been ages since I made a Baby Surprise Sweater; I bet I have the perfect yarn for one. Maybe that off-white worsted with a touch of angora that I’ve been hording saving. I wonder if my Zimmerman book is on the shelf? Baby sweaters are fast, and so cute; I’m sure a baby will come along eventually that will need a sweater and I’ll have one all ready to go. I wonder if I have buttons to go with that yarn.” I stood up and took a few steps towards my craft room.

And then my eyes fell upon my commuter knitting bag, with a pair of socks inside. Instantly, WIP guilt washed over me. The socks are a Christmas gift, and in order to get all my handmade presents done I have to work on them throughout the year, so I should just focus on getting these finished and stashed away so I don’t feel too rushed  later in the year. Christmas is only 205 days away (you’re welcome), plus I have a heap of unfinished projects that I’ve lost interest in but should finish up if only to free the needles for other projects.

The socks got more rows added to them this morning because of my will power. This evening I’ll start the gusset increases! I like the yarn, it’s Trekking XXL and is knitting up into a nice fabric. I’m doing a simple 3X1 rib because anything fancier would get lost in the variegated colorway. They are a deeper, richer color than in this pic – but you get the idea.


About wonkydonkey

You want random? You got it. Mostly knitting and gardening, with some home improvements, pets, baking, family, and the occasional bad joke thrown in for good measure. This blog is mine; it is a place where I can insist upon proper grammar or break my own rules and degrade into slang on a whim. Either way, it's still mine. I love the Internet.
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4 Responses to The sweater that wasn’t

  1. FogKnits says:

    I wasn’t even considering starting a new project today…until now! You make a good point about needing a baby sweater eventually! (that was the point, right?) 😉

  2. Congratulations! And for some reason, 205 days till Christmas seems like plenty…I think I need to have a lie down, I must be coming down with something :/

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