Prepping for Christmas

I’m still working on those socks – they’re past the heels now and I’m chugging along up the legs. I was getting a wee bit tired of knitting them, so I made a quick diversion and knocked out a couple of hats for the Christmas box (hey, at least I didn’t make a baby sweater!). One is slouchy.

The other is not.

I also prepped several projects, winding the yarn and bagging it up with the pattern and needles. First up is an Ondine shawl, with Fiddle Knits yarns in Amethyst and Opal (it’s difficult to see in the pic, but the white one has small bits of blue, purple, and yellow).

Then there’s an Azalea Ring scarf, which is a pattern and yarn I picked up on a yarn crawl.

This last one is handspun, from some lovely yak fiber that my oldest son got me awhile back – I’m going to make a Pretty Thing cowl with it.

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  1. Yay for planning Christmas!

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