WIP Wednesday is for the birds

This one is, at least. I’m making bird nests.



Why? Because some babies get separated from their parents and need to be rescued. And twig nests don’t survive the washing machine.



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4 Responses to WIP Wednesday is for the birds

  1. chrisknits says:

    I thought about doing that, but they only gave a crochet pattern. Will have to search for a knit one.

    • wonkydonkey says:

      No need for a pattern- is basically a hat, with a round of purl before doing decreases (which are every round, to make a flat bottom). I’ve been making them with 48 – 62 stitches around, roughly 4″ tall before base. I plan on making a couple larger ones too.

  2. I think the washing machine wouldn’t survive the twig nest, but either way, good work!

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