Bath time

There’s a rather large bin of cotton yarn in my craft room. It is filled with a rainbow of colors; some solid, some variegated, some striping. A few are textured. I’ve been working from this bin for a long time, and there is a noticeable drop in volume; but there’s still a lot of yarn, especially odds and ends – partial skeins left over from previous attempts to get a handle on this abundance.
I decided to make another run at the bin, and have been making washcloths and soap sacks.


I ran across a pattern for these round cloths, and really like them.

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2 Responses to Bath time

  1. Fun! I need to make a start on face cloths soon, since they’re going to be all my Christmas presents this year 🙂

  2. wonkydonkey says:

    I’m liking these round ones. Easy short rows (no wraps, just turning). I have made five or six so far.

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