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Doing the happy rain dance

Rain! I’m so glad it’s raining. Not only for the plants, lake levels, air quality, and fires – but also because it means I can make soap again. The rain barrels have been empty for months. Saturday’s soaps were Dragon’s … Continue reading

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Oh, the temptation

I’m trying to eliminate sugar from my diet, but it’s really difficult. They say it will get easier, that the cravings will go away, but all I want to do right now is eat skittles. I probably should stop putting … Continue reading

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Tuesday tickler

Q: what’s the difference between a hippo and a Zippo? A: one’s really heavy, and the other’s a little lighter.

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WIP roll-call

I’ve never been one of those knitters / crocheters who could start a project and see it through to completion before starting¬†another project. I know people like that, but it just isn’t me. I like to have options, variety, choices. … Continue reading

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Speaking of blankets

I started this afghan quite some time ago; made a billion granny squares and even got some seamed together before all the ends made me go a little crazy and the blanket got stashed in a bag. It was going … Continue reading

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Since it was already out

I was going to put the crochet hook away after I finished the Ondine shawl, but then I figured I might as well use it to start a scrap-busting project. This is a small blanket, made with sock yarn scraps, … Continue reading

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Ondine on pins

She’s done! Ondine is happily blocking, with help from blocking wires because I was having a time getting all the picots pinned out evenly. As-is she measures 15″ deep at the center back, and 45″ in diameter side to side; … Continue reading

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Poesie toes

For WIP Wednesday – socks! (yeah – taking a photo of your own foot while holding on a partially knit sock is a bit of a challenge)

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On the edge

Back to Ondine – I was having trouble with the picot edge; I’ve done picot in knit before but not crochet, and it took me several tries to get it to look good. I’m happy with it now, though, and … Continue reading

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Looking up

Today was mostly spent running errands and working on the porch. I caulked a bunch of seams and nail holes, and the Mr did a bit more on the stairs. There are just a few small pieces of finished board … Continue reading

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