Cheater, cheater

Poor Ondine. Just one row to go and she gets set aside for something newer and shinier. Well, not exactly shinier, but a bit stripyer. (is that a word??)
A ball of Ella Rae Seasons fell into my stash last week, and I took it along to our family bbq yesterday because it is destined to become a cowl and it’s easy knitting while talking. Ondine has a fancy picot edge that I have to pay close attention to, so she’ll get finished up at home.
Here’s the cowl, nearly done already:


I made up the pattern – cast on 168-ish (I only counted once, so it’s very likely off a stitch or two), knit in garter for a bit, then alternate 5 rows stockinette and 1 row purl until the yarn gets scarce, then garter for a bit more and bind off. Very precise. At my gauge, it should end up about 48″ in circumference, which will wrap twice around the neck of a person I have in mind just fine.

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  1. Lovely 🙂 I love how vague you can get with some projects, a nice change from having to count lace rows 20 times before you get the right number!

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