WIP roll-call

I’ve never been one of those knitters / crocheters who could start a project and see it through to completion before starting another project. I know people like that, but it just isn’t me. I like to have options, variety, choices.

But every now and then I get the itch to do an inventory, which usually guilts me into focusing on some of the older projects in lieu of continuing to ignore them. I’ve been kind of in that phase for the past few weeks, and here’s my current inventory to the best of my knowledge:

Babette Afghan – I just pulled this out yesterday; it’s got a bajillionty squares in twenty or so colors. Most of the square crocheted, but quickly got disillusioned with all the required seaming… It’s well over half-done, though. I have no deadline for this, but it takes up a lot of room and I’d like to free up the bag for something else. It’s been hibernating for a long time, but used up an impressive amount of acrylic stash yarn.

Sock Scrap blanket – recently started, this was an attempt to reign in some of my sock yarn scraps that no longer fit in their designated basket. An active project with no deadline or recipient in mind. A simple crocheted chevron pattern, it’s good TV knitting.

Poesie Toes socks – active project, started on the heels this morning. These will likely go in my Christmas gift box.

Stealth project #1 – active project, but a very slow one that is charted and requires good lighting and several Post-It notes. It’s about half done, and is a Christmas gift so I need to work on this.

Temperature Scarf – active project, nearing completion. It ends the first week of October, and I’m two weeks behind at the moment but I have serious concerns about the amount of yarn I have left in two colors. I think I need more. It was such a hot summer that I went through the oranges faster than expected.

Old blue socks – hibernating project, this used up a really old ball of sock yarn, but had to be supplemented with solid black to make the socks large enough. As we all know, black yarn sucks all of the light out of the universe, so it’s no joy to work on and hence is banished to a bag for now.

Howlcat hat – I totally lost interest in this one. It’s nearly done, and the yarn is lovely, but it’s really heavy and we had such a mild winter I just couldn’t get into finishing it. It’s future is undetermined.

Trillian scarf/shawl – nearly done, I ran out of yarn. Not quite sure what to do about that, so it’s in time-out.

Rainbow Cowl – started yesterday. It’s a simple one, just 94 stitches around on size US 8’s; will be a Christmas gift and I expect it to go quickly. I’ll probably rotate it into commuter knitting for a few days.

Stash baby blanket in some unknown fluffy something or other – nearly done, hate the yarn. Hate, with the capital H. Sure, it’s soft and snuggly once it’s knit up, but the actual knitting is like trying to get dried paint out of my hair.

Kit camisole – a little more than half done, I started this last summer. It’s knit with linen, which I know will be lovely once it’s done but as I’m knitting it, it’s not so lovely. It’s a little scratchy and has no stretch, so it makes my hands very tired. Plus, I’m in a slip-stitch section which I have to pay a surprising amount of attention to or I mess it up. It will be for me. Eventually.

Daphne tank – also a little more than half done, this is for me and is in a bamboo-cotton blend and much like the linen, has no stretch and makes my hands tired. The drape, though, is fantastic. I work on this on occasion at knit-night because I’m in the many-rounds-of-plain-stockinette section.

Morgan hat – a driving cap for my husband, it just needs seaming and felting to make it fit perfectly, but it’s misplaced at the moment.

Laodice shawl – in lovely Zauber ball, this one is hibernating because I lost my place in the chart and haven’t felt inspired enough to either rip back to a point I can identify or count stitches to see if I can figure it out. It’s roughly half done, has no recipient in mind. Or deadline, clearly.

Green beaded shawl – I know this is in the WIP box somewhere. It was a KAL that I got behind on, and then gave up on. I do plan on finishing it eventually, it’s lovely yarn and a rectangle shape so it should be a nice accessory.


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5 Responses to WIP roll-call

  1. chrisknits says:

    I have 4 current WIPs, each get a look now and then, two are almost finished. I have 1 UFO that I WILL finish, just not sure when. I have 1 long UFO I finally destashed with the remaining yarn to a friend. I have 4 sweaters started from long ago that will never be finished. I have a scarf I started equally long ago that will never be finished. And that is about all I can think of. Of course, I have a zillion things to start!!!! Immediate needs are a pair of mittens and a baby blanket. But not until 2 other things get finished!! I swear, really. LOL

    • Talya says:

      If they will never be finished, why not frog them and free up WIP space for more new projects? (Sorry- I’m doing this knitting organization thing, so occasionally I yell KEEP OR FROG at inappropriate times…)

    • wonkydonkey says:

      I’ve gotten better about ripping out projects when I finally accept that I will NEVER finish them. If it’s still up in the air, I’ll let it set for awhile, but eventually I have to push it over the edge. I have such a long list of projects I want to start and only so much room!

  2. That is a lot of WIPS! Whatever makes you happy though 🙂

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