The little things

After our four-day weekend in the woods, the Mr. and I had a crazy-busy week at work —- because we are also taking today off to head out of town again! While a 3-day work week is great, there was still 5 days of work to accomplish…

Anyway: one thing that happened last week was that I knit and gifted two pairs of wee booties to a couple of coworkers, who are each expecting babies very soon (their due dates are within two days of each other!). The booties were made with scrap sock yarns, and turned out really cute, if I do say so myself. They are variations on the Magic Slippers pattern over on Ravelry.

We’re making a run for the border today — the Canadian border — to spend a couple days in Vancouver. It’s been years since we’ve been, and I have a shiny new passport to use. 🙂

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