Yesterday was a fiber day – the entire day was spent knitting, getting an impromptu spinning lesson, hanging out with knitterly pals, taking classes, drooling over the Signature needles, and shopping in the fiber market. So much fun! I learned how to do Game Knitting, and scored some lovely new stuff to work with next year.
As has been my goal for awhile now, I only bought yarn for which I had a project in mind. I’ve found that this helps me avoid simply feeding the stash with shiny pretties that I don’t know how to use. You’ll notice more solids in this thread, because they are much easier to work with than the variegated yarns that I usually gravitate to.
I’m super happy with these: two skeins of reclaimed cashmere! A real bargain, just $14 for the pair, and I’ll be able to get a couple of hats from them. Woot!


I hit the sale bin at Intrepid Otter, scoring two superwash wools for a great discount – which helped me justify the ball of self striping sock yarn that was not on sale but adorable, even overiding my usual aversion to pink.


These superwash lovelies from Magpie Fibers will become gifts for next year. I’m planning ahead.


And then at Schmutzerella I was completely taken in by a kit that had one skein of yarn, a pattern for a hat and mitts, stitch markers, and a project bag. I’m feeling a hat kick coming on.


I have a few rounds left on my Game Knitting project, so I’ll save that for tomorrow’s post. 🙂


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  1. pixieannie says:

    Some great colours. You’re like me; I now only buy when I have something in mind. I ended up with so much wool that I gave most of it away. This would be fine if it didn’t cost as much as a small person.

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