Hunkering down

With the onset of cold weather, I’ve definitely felt the urge to clean out the nest and hunker down for the winter. We’ve been slowly clearing excess items from the attic – many of which have been up there since we moved in almost twenty years ago – and we’re gifting them to our neighbors via a Facebook “Buy Nothing” group. It’s been fun meeting people in the area and hearing how they are going to use the items we are giving away. I’ve gifted quite a bit of yarn and some other craft items I’ll never use, along with knickknacks, books, and toys that have plenty of use left in them.

I’ve also, of course, been knitting up a storm (and wearing plenty of my own hand knits!). I finished a child’s hat, two more beer bottle cozies, cast on a gift hat I can’t show you, and am almost done with yet another hat. This one is made from mystery yarn from the stash, part of the ‘use it or donate it’ pile.



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