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What is that thing about good intentions?

Thanks to the holidays, a particularly heavy rainy season, and an overburdened schedule, I have enjoyed far too many cookies and chocolates, and far too few long walks or workouts. The Mr., bless his heart, has been giving me rides … Continue reading

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More Barley

I finished the green Barley hat and cast on another in brown. It’s easy knitting, cozy yarn, and hats are always satisfying projects because they aren’t very big.

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Sunday spinning

Four days off in a row is a rare treat, and I’ve been enjoying lots of knitting and spinning time. Today I spun up some mystery wool that I got along with my spinning wheel. I wasn’t too keen on … Continue reading

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Traditions change

Ever since our oldest son was two and was old enough to understand what Christmas meant, we had a rule about Christmas morning: don’t wake mom and dad up before 7am. Stockings were fair game before 7 (as long as … Continue reading

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A bit of Barley

I finished a little cashmere baby hat today. The yarn was reclaimed from sweaters, and it’s very soft. I had lots of knitting time today because I took the day off, the Mr cleaned the house yesterday, and I did … Continue reading

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A couple months ago I spun this yarn. And then it just sat on the bobbins. Eventually I skeined it up, to free up the bobbins. But I never washed it or set the twist. And then yesterday I wound … Continue reading

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The tree is up, the lights are mostly on, the presents are wrapped, and cookies are made. To celebrate these successes, I’m relaxing with a cup of coffee, an episode of Cosmos, and a bit of no- deadline knitting. Ahhhhh….

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And just like that, a week goes by

Is it crazy for anyone else? Or is it just me?? This time of year, I love it — but man there is so much going on. Quick update on stuff: Porch: DONE! Not only that, it’s cleaned up and … Continue reading

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Time Warp

Sometimes my blog posts take a little ride in the TARDIS before ending up on WordPress… the blog post I wrote last week¬†when I first started the Irish Socks has, for some unknown reason, posted today. I’m sure I saw … Continue reading

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Irish sock

I have long-admired the Three Irish Girls yarns, but this is the first time I’ve actually knit with some. It’s lovely! This colorway is called Father Time, and it pools in a spiral around the sock, which is very fun … Continue reading

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