Irish sock

I have long-admired the Three Irish Girls yarns, but this is the first time I’ve actually knit with some. It’s lovely! This colorway is called Father Time, and it pools in a spiral around the sock, which is very fun and entertaining (don’t judge). I’m doing these on DPNs because my circular sock needle is, um, still in that pair of pink socks… which are fully knit, and just need me to sit down and kitchener the toes. I just haven’t been feeling the kitchener vibe lately…

Anyway – the new sock! It’s a beaut (much more vibrant in person); I’m doing a simple broken rib because anything fancier would get lost in the lovely colors. (note to self: get a better-lit photo next time)


68 stitches around, 1X1 cuff until I was tired of it (which was 18 rounds), and then 3X1 broken rib until the leg is 7-ish inches tall. There will be a standard heel flap on these for extra cushioning. I am hoping to get my circular needle freed up soon so I can finish this pair as a pair and avoid any unfortunate mistakes between the socks.

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  1. I also think that spiral pooling is fun and exciting, so don’t worry- you’re among your people here 🙂

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