Time Warp

Sometimes my blog posts take a little ride in the TARDIS before ending up on WordPress… the blog post I wrote last week when I first started the Irish Socks has, for some unknown reason, posted today. I’m sure I saw it on the blog, and then it disappeared, and reappeared with today’s date. Crazy sauce.

Anyway: I’m down to just two gotta-finish-by-Christmas projects, which makes me just giddy: the Irish Socks, which I’m working on during my daily commute, and a hat that I work on in the evenings at home. I’ve even gotten most of my presents wrapped*! As crazy as people think I am for making Christmas presents in April, it really pays off as the year draws to a close and I have a big ol’ stack of gifts ready to go.

*I sewed a bunch of fabric gift bags, and popped a present inside each as I finished them. Quick, easy, reusable, and adaptable to the oddly-shaped knitted items I stuffed inside.


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  1. Yeah, I need to start Christmas presents earlier…*sigh*

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