And just like that, a week goes by

Is it crazy for anyone else? Or is it just me?? This time of year, I love it — but man there is so much going on. Quick update on stuff:

Porch: DONE! Not only that, it’s cleaned up and the tools put away. Just in time for winter. heh. It needs a final paint job, but so does the front of the house and that all has to wait for next year’s drought.

Garage Roof: leaking. It leaked a little two years ago and the Mr. did some stuff to seal it, so it didn’t leak last winter. But apparently the fix wasn’t permanent and we just need to replace the roof. Of course, Seattle is getting eight or ten inches of rain a day right now so the garage is covered with a tarp. At least it’s a brown tarp. We’re classy like that.

Holiday decorating: nonexistent. Not for lack of interest, but lack of time. Anyone want to come haul boxes down from the attic and put up the tree for me?? Oh, wait — that’s right: the tree has about a third of its lights out because a certain cat chewed on it. Will probably not do anything about that this year, so if we manage to get the tree up it will just be rather dark.

Glass-blowing: did that, and it was so much fun! Went with the Mr. and some friends to celebrate a friend’s birthday; we made ornaments for our non-existent tree. Here’s a picture of me dipping a molten glob of clear glass into the green glass bits that then got smooshed and melted in.


Gifts: actually, I’m doing pretty well there. It helps that I don’t buy much, and that I make things year-round. But there’s no tree to put the gifts under. Hmm.

Holiday baking: nonexistent. And at this point, probably going to stay that way. I do have a cookie exchange on Sunday that I committed to, so I need to come up with something for that…

Housework: nope

Irish Socks: clicking right along; I have done the heels on both and am about to start the foot sections. It’s looking like I will get these done by Christmas after all. I don’t have a new picture to show you, so moving right along to:

Dinosaur Hat: one of the cutest things I’ve ever knit! Isn’t it adorable??



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  1. chrisknits says:

    tree’s up, half the presents bought, none wrapped, no baking yet, but will be in for appetizers and pork roast from the 23rd to 25th. it could be worse so I’m calling it good!

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