What is that thing about good intentions?

Thanks to the holidays, a particularly heavy rainy season, and an overburdened schedule, I have enjoyed far too many cookies and chocolates, and far too few long walks or workouts. The Mr., bless his heart, has been giving me rides to the train station in the morning and the occasional ride home when the rain was particularly nasty. When I had a few days off to relax, I did just that —- wallowing in my jammies and snacking on cookies while I knit and watched Netflix. It was great, don’t get me wrong, but it didn’t help my physique any.

Feeling particularly disgusted with myself on Sunday, I found Marta and plugged her in for a charge. According to my Fitbit app, I haven’t used Marta since July (oops). I popped her in my pocket on Monday and vowed to ramp up my activity level.

Yesterday I figured out how to add a few friends to my Fitbit app, and we have a tidy little step challenge underway. My competitive is showing, and I may have marched around the house while brushing my teeth last night just to get my step count over my daily goal.

I also signed up for a streaming workout video service (enticed by a 30-day free trial offer), so that I can eliminate several excuses (too yucky outside, gym memberships exceed my budget, super tired of my cheesy workout DVDs). Only afterwards did it occur to me that I can’t watch this on our TV, because our TV is too old.

This morning I tried to follow along with a video pulled up on my laptop, but the screen is so small that I can’t see it well enough from the distance that one needs to stand away in order to do the exercises. Short of holding the laptop in one hand, which did not seem wise, I don’t think this is going to work. *sigh* We’ve talked about getting a new TV, but haven’t felt justified in spending the money. Still don’t. I looked into cables to hook my laptop up to the TV, but that requires a converter to get the signal from digital to analog, and again with the cost / spending money on an old TV. It just seems more prudent to tuck that money into our retirement account instead.

I’ve got 28 days left in my free trial to figure out if this streaming thing is going to work for me. It sounded like a good idea.

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4 Responses to What is that thing about good intentions?

  1. A new TV is good for more than workout videos, you can watch your DVD’s on it too. And with an HDMI cable your computer can talk to the new TV’s. Just a thought.

  2. how about looking for a larger moniter? You can usually get them fairly cheap second hand

    • wonkydonkey says:

      I thought about that, but we don’t have anywhere to put one. We have a very small desk for the computer, it doesn’t have room for a larger monitor.

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