Oh so Fetching

I finished off a pair of Fetching finger-less mitts. These are knit in Cascade Alpaca Lana D’Oro, which is a lovely wool/alpaca blend that knits up with a little bit of halo. While this does obscure the cables somewhat, it’s worth it because the fabric is so soft and yummy (and warm). My only mod on this pair was to do a purl bind off instead of the picot, which I find curls too much for my liking. Plenty of yarn left to make another pair, which I may have already cast on.


I’ve made a few pairs of these in the past, and it’s a great little pattern. No thumb gusset, but the ribbing stretches so you don’t really need one. There are just four rows on the thumb, which makes it more comfortable than a key-hole type thumb but still leaves lots of digit freedom.

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2 Responses to Oh so Fetching

  1. chrisknits says:

    I’ve made many of those ages ago! Love the cable detail on them. I never did the picot either, too fiddly.

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