Plum wore out!

The morning was spent with a couple friends, coffee, and yarn shopping – so fun! The sun was shining when I got home,  and it only seemed right to spend some time outside. Anything to avoid housework.
I got the veg garden cleaned up and lightly tilled; leaving in some broccoli, chard, and garlic that wintered over.


Speaking of wintering over, I harvested  carrots left from last year! There’s something to be said for a mild winter, I guess.


A bit of weeding was next, and pruning the raspberries. I was pleased to see the daffodils coming up. Spring is coming.


And then the Mr decided it was as good a time as any to take out the walnut tree. Yup.


The tree has been reduced to a pile of limbs and branches six feet tall. The tree had a dead spot in the center of the trunk, and was too big for the space anyway; we want a small greenhouse and smaller (less messy) plants back there.
Now we are too tired to make dinner, so I declare it a pizza night, followed by a bit of knitting and maybe a movie.
Hope everyone else got to enjoy the sunshine! Well, I guess folks on the east coast might be dealing with snow, but hopefully the storms aren’t too bad.


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  1. Sounds like a wonderfully productive day 🙂

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