Fixing up the old things

I have two stealth knitting projects underway, and I can’t show you guys because I’m pretty sure the recipients will see. So, in other news: we inherited an old truck that the Mr. has been working on; replacing worn-out parts, fixing the carburetor, etc. He’s been spending quite a bit of time online tracking down sources (the truck is the same age as me) and today he discovered a mystery spring inside the cab that doesn’t go to anything that he can find. He seems to be enjoying himself.

We also started an inside house project. The washer and dryer used to be in a closet in the hallway; we moved them out to the garage and are left with the big empty open closet. We’ve been using it as general storage, but it needs to be done up properly and it needs a bit of repair — there is old water damage from when we built our addition, so sheetrock and plywood needs replacing. Anyway, we emptied out the area and started making a plan. That’s a pretty good start. It will become our linen closet and storage for the vacuum cleaner and such.

Today we have a piano tuner out at the house; we inherited a spinet piano and it is in desperate need of cleaning, tuning, and minor repair. We’ll see what he can do. The first words out of his mouth when he walked in were, “ooh, she’s an old one!”

And finally, I have been making good use of our “Buy Nothing” group on Facebook – cleaning out cupboards and rehoming things we just don’t need or use. What a great resource!

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  1. chrisknits says:

    We had my grandmother’s old piano tuned quite a few years ago. While the tuner was out at his van a wire broke and I thought I had been shot! The percussion and shock wave from the pop was palpable. He came back in laughing and asked if I was OK, likely knowing what I felt from the event.

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