Happy Mother’s Day!

These kind of ‘holidays’ aren’t big deals around our house, but I do refuse to do housework or any real cooking. 🙂 The kids all wished me happy Mother’s day, Son #2 stopped by for a quick visit, and the Girl bought me chocolate (she’s a good egg), and then I did pretty much just did what I wanted: planted some grass seed, pulled weeds, cleared some overgrown parts of the front flower bed, ate popcorn, bought yarn, and started a few batches of soap. Now I’ve got a frozen lasagna in the oven for dinner and I’m about to go sit down with an adult beverage and knit some cotton washcloths while I wait for dinner to cook. It’s a good day!

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  1. Sounds lovely 🙂 It always confuses me, seeing the blog posts about Mothers day, since over here in the UK, Mothers day is in March!

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