Please hold

Forty-five minutes on the phone with CenturyLink, trying to do something that should be very simple: forward our office phone to an answering service after hours. I got the answering service all set up, tested it, left sample voicemails. The part that should have been super easy (forwarding our calls) is turning out to be anything but.

Our phone system is ancient, by technology standards. The voicemail card died a few days ago, and that apparently makes it so that we can’t use the system’s “forwarding” feature… So, I’m on the phone with our service provider trying to figure out how to do it from their side. Thing is, I need to be able to toggle this on and off each day – and that seems to be a thing that they can’t do for me. I can do it, according to the service rep, if I had access to the magical portal.

Do I have access to the magical portal?


My designated account rep can give me access. Have I contacted them? No, I don’t know who my rep is this week. She starts to give me an email address, then pauses. It sounds like she isn’t sure who my rep really is, either.


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