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Moving right along

The house painting is coming along slowly but steadily. We have sprayed the first coat of the main color and today is a brush-and-roller day for the areas where spraying just isn’t going to work well (like inside the porch).  … Continue reading

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We have been stripping the house of its bling (gutters, lights, hose reel) in preparation for the repainting. The Mr test-sprayed a section to learn how to use the sprayer, which prompted him to go buy a respirator because these … Continue reading

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WIP Wednesday

Started the second quadrant on the Hue Shift afghan. It’s got a lot of pink…

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Moving along

Just three doses in the antibiotic, I feel like a new person. Three doses, one and a half days after going to the doctor. Was I that close to having this UTI beat with the supplements? Did I give in … Continue reading

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In which I give in

This is a TMI post. You’ve been warned. For the past ten days I’ve been fighting a UTI; my third since late May. I am prone to them, I get several every year, but three in as many months is … Continue reading

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I’ve been complaining about some minor health issues I’ve got going on — but every time I do, I am immediately swamped with guilt and shame. Because while I whine about some minor discomfort and inconvenience, a¬†family member is in … Continue reading

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Just as June = strawberries, and July = raspberries, August is for blackberries. (though we still have raspberries, too) As obnoxious as the plants are, I do enjoy being able to pick these nummies just about everywhere around us. 

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How was your weekend? We went to EMP on Saturday; mainly to see the Star Trek exhibit, but also for a couple others including the Wearable Art. Some very cool stuff there! The fantasy and horror exhibits were also worth … Continue reading

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