In which I give in

This is a TMI post. You’ve been warned.

For the past ten days I’ve been fighting a UTI; my third since late May. I am prone to them, I get several every year, but three in as many months is extreme.

For the first one, I got the standard Macrobid antibiotic, and it seemed to go away. For the second one, a month later, I again got Macrobid but my doctor sent for a culture, which came back specifying different type of bacteria that doesn’t respond to Macrobid, and so I got switched to good ol’ penicillin.

Penicillin is serious stuff. I don’t like how it makes my body feel, but it did clear up the UTI.

And then ten days ago symptoms started again… Not too painful, but easily identifiable as another UTI, but on the heels of two recent antibiotic rounds I decided to see if I could kick this one on my own. I really didn’t want to have to take more antibiotics.

I generally avoid Googling medical symptoms, because even if all you have is a fever it always comes back with Lupus or Flesh-Eating-Bacteria, but I spent some time looking up ‘natural’ treatment options for UTI’s.

I learned about biofilms. I learned that several things can cause UTI symptoms, including bacteria and candida, so I got several supplements and enzymes that people claimed helped them with their UTI’s: olive leaf extract, D-Mannose, Interphase Plus, activated charcoal.

I ate raw garlic, cayenne pepper, and cinnamon tea. I avoided sugar and alcohol, and cut back on caffeine. I drank gallons (GALLONS) of water. I drank baking soda water, and lemon water.

For a few days, it looked like I might be winning. But Sunday night was a rough one, and Monday was pure hell. Tuesday no better. I am peeing fire, every hour or two, around the clock.

And so, this morning I gave in. Ten days is a valiant effort, but I can’t take any more and I’m afraid this damned thing might travel up to my kidneys. I have a fresh prescription for Macrobid while we await the culture results…

On top of this fun stuff, I have been having trouble with a tooth, one that had a root canal in March. The crown fell off last week and I had to wait four days to get it cemented back on. Dental pain is no funsies. UTI’s aren’t either. It’s a toss-up as to which one is worse.

AND, I am pretty sure that I’ve got a toenail fungus! Gross! Embarrassing! Three years ago I got a small infection at the cuticle line from a pedicure, and it never healed up quite right; the toenail has been a little “weird”, slow to grow and getting a bit thick on one side. Nothing too major. Nothing that a fresh coat of nail polish couldn’t hide.

But I took off the nail polish from a recent pedicure and saw dark spots under the nail. According to the internet (don’t EVER do an image search for toenail fungus!), it totally looks like a toenail fungus, and apparently they can hang around for years and years… I am completely disgusted, and immediately started drowning the toe in tea tree oil three times a day (I’m also dosing the surrounding toes, for good measure). It sounds like I won’t see improvement for several months. It’s not painful, but it’s ugly; I’ve been wrapping the offending toe in a (tea tree soaked) band-aid to hid its shame.

Still with me after that nasty confession? I’m not done complaining quite yet. My left knee has been swollen for months, which is uncomfortable and occasionally downright painful. I went to a new knee doctor, who took x-rays and determined that there isn’t anything structurally “wrong” with my knees, aside from the permanent weakness from previous surgeries. Apparently, in x-rays they look perfectly normal – despite the obvious swelling. My only options at the moment are to strengthen the muscles on the backs of my legs, and to try and lose some weight (because every pound makes a huge difference). I haven’t felt much like exercising lately, but I’m trying.

Man. I’m falling apart.

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3 Responses to In which I give in

  1. Amy Potts says:

    1. Add cranberry capsules to your regimen if you haven’t already. They do work and that is the ONLY way my parents kept their female dog from getting constant UTI infections!

    2. You might need to be on a low maintenance dose of antibiotics for a bit to ENSURE the bacteria is GONE. My dad had to do this (indefinitely) because he kept getting them only with his age and low resistance, he would go from being fine to being unconscious with a 105+ temp in less than 2 hours.

    3. Toenail fungus. There are lots of people who have this and one thing that can make a big difference is making sure you dry your feet post shower as weird as that sounds. Also, get a liver test because usually you have to take an oral medication to kill it because it isn’t topical…is is INSIDE the nail/nail bed. The medication isn’t too bad and it is the same one that they give dogs who are COVERED in yeast (usually due to food allergies, but not the case with toenail fungus). MANY people have this and it can be really challenging to treat…which is why so many people end up on taking the medication. 🙂

    I find the cause of things fascinating and while I like Science, I HATE organic chemistry which is why I never went to medicals school.

  2. kkordell2013 says:

    My doctor put me on cranberry supplements and low dose antibiotics. Once UTI’s cleared stayed on cranberry and antibiotics following every sexual encounter….works!

  3. chrisknits says:

    Cranberry juice!!! I live by it, but you might want to see a specialist about IC I kept getting treated for a UTI, and then found out, it’s IC. And after being hospitalized last week because of internal bleeding I was given a great parting gift from the hospital, a bladder infection! Ugh. This time I went with the Macrobid. Hope you feel better soon. And do not feel guilt over the whining. Our struggles do not compare to others and we should not hold back because we judge them less. Our Father knows our needs and doesn’t shush us because of their level of seriousness.

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