Moving along

Just three doses in the antibiotic, I feel like a new person. Three doses, one and a half days after going to the doctor. Was I that close to having this UTI beat with the supplements? Did I give in too soon?

Anyway – I’m feeling better, and that’s good. We have things to do. Like paint our house. I’m on the “prep” committee, which means I get the joy of removing 75+ years of paint and caulk from the old window sills, then applying new caulking as needed.


The Mr is also on the “prep” committee, but since he’s taller this means he gets to work the pressure washer and rebuild rotten window frames.


This weekend we will order the paint and get the accouterments — tape, plastic sheeting, brushes, rollers — and start to take down lights, gutters, and whatnot. We are borrowing a sprayer for the main body of the house (yay!) but the trim will be done by hand. Some sides of the house will be relatively easy to mask off and paint; others will require more time and there’s still some repairs needed in a few spots, so the house painting itself will progress in stages spread over several weekends. I’m just excited to get started!

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