Three dollar mystery pouch

I popped into the Army Navy Surplus the other day, looking for small stuff sacks. I found a couple bags that were just what I wanted. I also found this mysterious pouch, for $2.99:

Inside was a chemical heating pad. Just two tablespoons of water has this thing cooking! Like, almost too hot to touch. Wrapped in a towel, it’s keeping my achy hip nice and warm on its test run. I don’t know what’s in it – feels like sand and small marbles – but I’m curious how long it will stay warm. Not sure how it’s intended to be used, but I think I’ll put it in our camping box for emergencies. 

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4 Responses to Three dollar mystery pouch

  1. Sounds like a great camping/emergency heating pad.

  2. Very useful and convenient! Good find 🙂

  3. Talya says:

    It’s a heat source to cook food, specifically things like MREs (meals ready to eat). It can, of course, be used for other things.

    • wonkydonkey says:

      Thank you! That’s what the Mr. thought, too. Could be very handy in the camping box then. I will have to investigate what the outer pouch would be like, see if I can make or locate one.

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