Happy Holidays!

No matter what holiday(s) you celebrate at this time of year, I hope they are full of family, friends, and good food. We’ve certainly enjoyed all of the above!

I’ve got a couple of days off, which I’m spending on all sorts of non-urgent things – including trying to locate my niddy noddy so I can skein off a bobbin of pink fluff I spun up a while ago… Anyone know where it might be? The craft room got a bit messy as I stashed presents, so it is probably just buried under some fabric or fiber. Might have to spend more time in there just putting things back in order.

The gift knitting all went very well, folks seemed happy with their items; or at least, they didn’t outwardly dismiss them. Ha!

I didn’t get a stocking done in time for the grandchild, but I’m still plugging away at it. It’s not knit, or it would be finished by now. Instead, I decided on a hand-sewn one and that just isn’t my forte. My eyes get tired of the tiny beads and stitching, so I can’t work on it for long. If I’d known this, I would have started it much earlier.  Ah, well. Better late than never, eh?

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  1. Hand sewing a Christmas stocking! Rather you than me!

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