Shuttin’ it down

We get a lot of solicitor calls at my office. All of our incoming calls still go through the front desk so we can screen these out. I know it’s their job, but we are trying to our jobs, too, and these calls are SUPER annoying (and waste our time).

I covered the phones for a bit today, and have little patience for the telemarketers. One of today’s exchanges:

Solicitor: Hello, may I speak with John Q Public?

Me: May I tell him who’s calling?

Solicitor: Cheryl.

Me:…. From?

Solicitor: It’s a personal business matter.

Me: Which is it? Personal, or business?

Solicitor: Well, it’s a personal matter.

Me: Ok, then you should contact him at a personal number. Unless you are going to reimburse us for his time?

Solicitor: Well, this is the number listed… If I need to call a personal number instead, I can update the contact info in our…

Me: You do that.



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  1. Lovely routine 🙂 My granddad used to answer the phone to suspected telemarketers with ‘this is the butler’. They usually just hung up!

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