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The Blob

I’m working on a Waiting For Rain shawl, and it’s reached blob stage.  I finished the third and final lace inset and have eight plain rows left before starting the bottom edge. 

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Do you hear what I hear?

We have an old house, with old wood floors. The house makes a lot of noise. But sometimes, walking around, I can’t tell if the creaks and pops are from the house, or me. 

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The little beasts have really outdone themselves – they dug up three of my pumpkin seeds from the garden… And replanted them in the middle of the lawn. I tried to dig them up, but our ground is too hard. … Continue reading

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Hermione’s Everyday Socks

In Socks That Rock, no mods to the pattern except to increase 4 stitches after the cuff. The dye isn’t very even in this skein, but I like the randomness. 

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