26 years (and counting)

The Mr and I celebrated our anniversary this weekend by strapping on a couple of heavy backpacks and hitting the trails. 

With all the forest fires in this part of the country, we headed the opposite direction: west out to the Washington peninsula. Even here the signs of a long, dry summer were evident, with many dead and dying trees, and dried underbrush. But we still got to see some green.

And really big trees. 

And lichen.

And recent signs of black bear. 

And deer.

We hiked 6 miles to Boulder Lake – just stunning. Which was nice, because the second half of the hike was brutal (lots of elevation gain).

And in case you aren’t a hiker and are curious – sometimes we get “real” toilets in the woods. 

Not much fun in the rain, but better than squatting in the huckleberry bushes. 

Most of the creeks were pretty dry, but some had impressive bridges over them so they must get quite a bit of water sometimes. 

On our way out we stopped at the old Elwa Dam. Very cool to see how nature is reclaiming the land.

And then a quick stop at Madison Falls for a bad selfie (hey, we’d been hiking for three days!) 

We learned a lot this weekend – our gear is worn out and we weren’t prepared for a full day of rain and as we get older these hikes get harder – but it was great to spend time with the Mr, doing what we enjoy.

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