Money pit

Houses, man. They are expensive – even if your mortgage payments are reasonable because you bought the house before the market lost its mind, the ongoing maintenance is not insignificant. It’s these things that *almost* make me wish we were renters instead. 

New roof. Oy.  This is a big job, but it should be 30 years before we have to deal with it again. This is one of the few house projects we actually paid someone else to do.  WORTH IT. They got the garage done yesterday and will finish the rest on Monday. 

And then there’s interior paint. I only got two rooms worth, but it is a quick way to spend $200. I got the ceiling of one room done yesterday, will do the other ceiling and start on the walls today. 

But first, breakfast with the Mr and dropping off a trunk full of donation stuff. I’m in serious purge mode lately, battling my housemates’ tendencies to keep all the things.

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  1. sewsable says:

    I know exactly what you mean, we shouldn’t need to re-roof (concrete tiles), but we’ve had to redo the roof insulation and we upgraded to double glazing a few years back; even re-using the frames was expensive! We need a new fire this summer and the driveway fence is on its last legs. Tis neverending. However, it means we can do whatever we want with decoration, don’t have to worry about house inspections and if youngest slams a door and damages the wall it won’t be a problem we have to explain. I think overall it’s worth it.

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