Math is hard

I had the heel completely done on this sock, finished the gusset decreases and counted the remaining stitches to make sure I was back down to 68 so I could do the foot. Except I had 64 stitches left. Thereafter ensued a bit of confusion as I tried to figure out how I had decreased too many when I was keeping careful count of my rows. After many stitch and row recounts I remembered that I was supposed to have 64, but had made the heel as if I had 68 – so it was the wrong proportions for the sock. (Yes, those four stitches can make a big difference.) Alas, the heel had to be ripped out and redone on the proper number of stitches. (Note to self: take better project notes!) The heel flap is about half done again now. 

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  1. Oops! Well done for catching it before you got halfway down the foot!

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