Something blue

Second sockitis set in last night, and I just HAD to knit something other than the grey sock… so I dipped into my bag of bagged projects* and pulled out this lovely skein of merino / tencel that I spun a while back.


At first, I was afraid that the yarn wouldn’t work well for the pattern I’d picked — mostly because I didn’t think the yarn would have much “bounce”, due to the tencel content. After opening the skein, though, I don’t think I have to worry too much. Looks like the yarn will have a memory and it should hold its shape without becoming too saggy.


I eventually got it wound (despite plenty of ‘help’ from the toddler), and cast-on while reading “A Better World”. It’s knit on US 9 needles, which makes it go pretty fast. A simple 5-row repeat is great commuter knitting, so I think I’ll knock this out in just a few days. Then I will get back to that second sock.

  • roughly once a year, I go through my stash and bag up skeins of yarn with appropriate projects. Then, when the urge to cast on something new comes along, I can quickly grab a bag and go. Plus, it is a great opportunity to go thru the stash at least annually and air it out / de-stash old stuff.

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  1. ooh, enjoy knitting that 🙂

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