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Finally spring

The wettest April is finally releasing its soggy grasp and we have a bit of spring going on. I’m taking full advantage by enjoying the view from my hammock. Currently reading Sleep Tight.

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Trouble ahead

My hand pain has eased with rest but not abated, so I’m headed to the doctor later to get it checked out. Anyway: since a complete stop of needle arts didn’t cure me, I have been doing light progress here … Continue reading

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Imperfect Produce (review)

We got our first box of fruits and veggies from Imperfect Produce last night, and first impressions are excellent! It was easy to customize our box online and remove the evil bell peppers; this customization also allows you to increase … Continue reading

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The Alice Network

I finished reading The Alice Network yesterday – it was a good story. Nice mix of fact and fiction, decent character development, intriguing story line that didn’t give everything away up front. Nearly done with The Mannequin Makers, it got … Continue reading

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Off the hook (and needles)

I’ve been experiencing some pain in my hands, mostly in my left, at the base of my thumb and first finger – you know, the parts of your hand that engage when you pinch. It’s a persistent pain, always there … Continue reading

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Winter was not kind to my goal of eating healthfully… Combined with our typical cold, wet weather, I am not feeling tip-top. The first step is to clean up my food choices, so today I’m doing meal preps for the … Continue reading

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Mandala blanket

The only diamonds I can afford, lol! I have used one ball of Mandala so far, and only have two more in the stash – it’s not going to be enough, but the yarn is inexpensive and I can get … Continue reading

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Feeling retro

Backstory: Our house was built in 1941. Very much a product of its time, the house is small, with low ceilings and no frills. The original rooms are cozy (read: tiny), but the house has had two additions built, at … Continue reading

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Adding one for good measure

Wandering my way thru several WIPs at the moment – working on several so while I have done a lot of knitting, the progress per project isn’t impressive. The red and blue socks are mostly for commute time, so not … Continue reading

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