Feeling retro

Backstory: Our house was built in 1941. Very much a product of its time, the house is small, with low ceilings and no frills. The original rooms are cozy (read: tiny), but the house has had two additions built, at different times, so as a whole it is a rather eclectic little bungalow. There are three or four different kinds of trim throughout the house and different ceiling heights, wall textures, flooring types, and light fixtures – ranging over almost 80 years.

Rather than fight it (and because our budget doesn’t include a complete remodel), we have worked with the quirks and embraced this hodgepodge – treating each room as an independent bubble while trying to keep an eye on the overall effect.

The front living room is part of the original house and as such, demands a mid-century look. We’ve got some furniture that fits, but the wall colors are all wrong – and I’m feeling the urge to really embrace the look and repaint the room something fun and retro.

Can’t quite do flamingo pink, but I like the others in the typical 1950s color scheme. What to choose?? With glossy white trim and grey furniture, most of these would really pop!


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  1. Ooh, have fun redecorating!!!!

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