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Greened up morning

My son and his family have been staying with us, and there’s been a lot of vegetarian cooking going on in this carnivorous house. I’ve watched him make all sorts of things with tofu, mushrooms, and kale. It’s been interesting. … Continue reading

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Conference knitting

The Josef and Anni Cowl (by Abundant Earth Fiber) makes for great airplane and conference knitting. It’s a small gauge, so lots of stitches go into it. I’m using their yarn as well, and it is just gorgeous. Slightly sheepy … Continue reading

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I’m back, baby!

Did you miss me? I finished a thing! Handspun wool, crocheted until I ran out of yarn. Not yet blocked. Will sew a button on the lower left corner so it can be fastened and stay on as a scarf.

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Long tail cast on win! One attempt, 168 stitches, with just enough tail left. Woot! It’s going to be a good day. 🙂

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Not seeing straight

One of the fun things about failing eyesight is having to do something over again, because you didn’t see the pattern correctly the first time. I’m making an Aviary Hat, by Abundant Earth Fiber – in their luscious United Tribe … Continue reading

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Slow but somewhat steady

I am seeing a new acupuncturist, to speed the healing along on my hands; it definitely seems to be helping, and I’m able to do most activities again (though I wear a brace as needed). I’m still laying low in … Continue reading

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Hookin’ for the win

The tendonitis in my hands is definitely aggravated by knitting — but crochet seems to be ok as long as the tension isn’t too tight (so, no amigurami). I’ve been doing just a little crochet here and there, working on … Continue reading

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