Sort of contrary

How does your garden grow? Mine is hit or miss, with some plants thriving and others… Not so much.

There’s a bumper crop of potatoes coming in, and three of the five asparagus plants I set this year came up as well. I didn’t know they got so feathery! I’m pretty sure I accidentally pulled up the additional two, thinking they were weeds.

But the cauliflower decided it didn’t want to be eaten this year and has gone from a small golf-club sized head straight into flowers – seemingly overnight. I guess the bees get to enjoy the cauliflower this year.

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  1. I feel SO identified with this post! The things I’m waiting for the most are taking too long to grow or not grow at all. But the extra grass is growing like crazy! I re-planted some cucumbers and tomatoes and sunflowers to see if I have better luck this time! Enjoyed reading this! Take care and keep the garden updates, please!

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