What’s another hobby?

I swore I wouldn’t pick up yet another hobby, but I succumbed to the weaving siren and got a 15in Cricket rigid heddle loom. Mostly I think I will weave scarves and wraps, maybe some towels and washcloths. As I learn, I’m using up odds and ends of leftover yarns.

The first thing I warped was a simple square out of kitchen cotton. All I wanted to do was learn how to warp the loom, do the actual weaving, and finish it off. It turned out surprisingly decent for my first attempt, and is currently being used as a kitchen washcloth.

Since that one went so well, I decided to warp a scarf. I dug through my scrap baskets and came up with some complimentary yarn, put something on the Netflix, and got this thing started.

It wasn’t easy warping 97″ lengths of yarn in my little craft room, but a bit of creative table placement and help from the Mr got it done. I’m not certain what colors I will end up with, I don’t have a lot of this pink color that I started with but I do not lack for yarn to choose from.

(The green is waste yarn and will not stay)


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2 Responses to What’s another hobby?

  1. Awesome (but stay away from me with you newcraft-itus, I already plan on learning to sew next..)

    • wonkydonkey says:

      Ooh, sewing! Lots of fun stuff to be made! My machine hasn’t gotten much action lately, but I have several projects lines up foe this summer.

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