Abundant Earth Fiber

I learned about Abundant Earth Fiber earlier this year, when they had their entire inventory stolen in between fiber festivals. What struck me was the attitude of the company who, rather than expressing the anger they surely must have felt, reacted with grace & professionalism. They simply asked that if you wished to support them, to place an order online and they would ship as soon as their inventory was replenished.

This simple act of honesty and commitment moved me, enough to order a couple skeins of yarn and some fiber.

My order arrived not that long ago and I busted it open to find the most beautiful wool I think I’ve ever seen.

I haven’t spun the fiber yet, but I’ve knitted both of the yarns. They truly are beautiful, with great loft and twist; they work up nicely, the wool is soft, clean and well prepared, but not stripped or over-processed. (I can attest to this because I have a lanolin allergy and my hands broke out after working with the yarn. Not a fault with the yarn, but actually a testament to how wonderful the wool is, because I generally avoid “regular” wool for just this reason.)

Due to my lanolin allergy, it took me a little longer to work up the yarn than it ordinarily would, but I made both a hat and a cowl. They both turned out amazing.

I haven’t blocked either project yet, but the hat barely needs it. Both of the patterns came from AEF as well – Josef & Anni cowl, and Aviary hat. I would definitely recommend checking out this company!

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