How was your weekend?

My company’s biannual retreat was Friday at Suncadia Resort (near Cle Elum, WA), and so I just added an extra day to my stay and the Mr. drove out to meet me so we could make a weekend of it.

44669758342_a58d0aa7e6_zAfter a nice horseback trail ride with my coworkers Saturday morning, the Mr. and I did some light hiking around the Suncadia area. You can get some pretty big hills in there, and our legs definitely got lots of exercise. We heard elk across the river, though we couldn’t see any.


I was pretty worn out by then (and the saddle soreness was setting in), so we had a casual dinner and then sat and enjoyed the scenery from the lodge.

Sunday was more relaxed. We headed into Roslyn, WA for breakfast and then tootled around a bit (cute little town, we bought a lovely fused glass piece from a local artist). We then made the quick hop over to Cle Elum to follow a recommendation on beef jerky (though the jerky is good, there isn’t much else to draw me back to that town). As we contemplated our options for returning home, we decided to take the scenic route and detoured through Leavenworth. It’s been years since I was out there, and it’s changed a bit – quite a few wineries have tasting rooms now. We were glad to see some of our favorite shops remain, like the Cheesemonger (bought three chunks), but we also bought some spirits from one of the distilleries. And chocolate. And salt water taffy. And a brat & pretzel (come on, that’s practically mandatory!).

As we headed home at last, I was able to do a bit of knitting on a new project – a Find Your Fade shawl. I’m on color #2 out of 7, so still a ways to go, but it’s easy knitting and perfect for this overly tired camper.


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  1. very pretty knitting, and what sounds like a delightful weekend 🙂

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