Post holiday crash

Happy holidays to you! I hope you got to do what makes you happy – whether that involves people in your life or just a good movie on the TV. It’s fairly busy around our place, with assorted family and friend get-togethers, office events, and so forth. There has been plenty of crafting as well, mostly for presents. I think I gifted seven pairs of hand-knit socks this year, along with a hat, a cowl, and a sweater for a little person. There were also handmade spice blends for some folks, and the Mr. made a bunch of yummy treats.

Soapmaking has slowed down as I enter my “off season”, but there is still business stuff to take care of (like bookkeeping, inventory, and so forth) that keeps me in the soap studio a fair amount.

Here is an unfinished project, on the loom:


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  1. busy busy busy 🙂 That’s a lovely piece on the loom

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