Spinning and stuff

Things have been pretty chaotic around here lately, with our youngest child leaving the nest to embark on her own adult journey. The Mr and I are slowly getting the house back in order and taking the opportunity to tackle other long-overdue tidying projects – like cleaning out the coat closet.

For me, in the crafty arena, this also means taking a hard look at partially-completed projects and determining if they will ever be finished or if it’s time to move on. There is an afghan that didn’t make the cut…

My goal is to focus on the old stuff before succumbing to the allure of the new; this includes spinning. I dug deep in the fiber stash and pulled out a sizable ball of grey “wool blend”, and started spinning. One bobbin down.

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  1. Finishing old things sounds good 🙂 Welld one on being so disciplined

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