Sometimes it’s just too much

I had to take a bit of a blog break; 2019 is kicking my arse and I didn’t want to whine about it online too much. I think (hope) the worst is now behind us, and I can focus on a happier 2020. Fingers firmly crossed. I have much to be thankful and grateful for, and am firmly turning my mind to those items instead.

There has been a lot of knitting and sewing over the past few months, and I received some lovely gifts for Christmas (with copious amounts of chocolate and yarn-related things). There was family, food, and the joy of watching small children overwhelmed by presents and unlimited tables of treats. There was the satisfaction of helping people and causes that are loved. There were quiet nights watching TV, phone calls and texts with friends and family, and cookies. So many cookies.

As we settle into the winter, I am looking forward to planning my spring garden, a new soap studio, and spending some much-needed hours in my craft room getting that mess tidied up.

Here is a quick picture of my current commuter project – socks, of course.


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