Two steps back

Fed up with being out of shape, I joined a local gym a couple weeks ago. I’ve gone several times, trying to figure out what will work for me, hold my attention, and what my body can withstand. So far I’ve determined that spin class is not yet a good idea (my knees swelled up and I limped for four days), I’m nowhere near being ready for a full-on ‘boot camp’ type class (even the lightest weights were too heavy), and yoga requires more overall strength than I currently possess. Apparently, I am somewhere below “Beginner” level in terms of fitness. Age, extra pounds, and that lovely perimenopause that I was unprepared for have left me as weak and soft as an overcooked spaghetti noodle.

I swallowed what little pride I have left and scrapped the fancy classes – and yesterday I did a circuit through the machines with the weights set pretty light. I did ten reps, twice, on each machine to get a pretty thorough workout of all the muscle groups, and five minutes each on the rower and treadmill to get some cardio. I’m feeling sore in certain muscles today (back, triceps, chest) and no soreness in others (quads, glutes) which tells me I did pretty well estimating my upper body strength (nonexistent) and that I could go just a touch more weight on the lower body (thanks, three-mile walking commute!). Certain muscle groups are surprisingly weak, like my calves and shoulders.

Tomorrow I meet with a nutritionist, and Friday with an actual trainer to work out a more comprehensive plan for working out. I’ve ordered a swim cap so I can get in the pool, and I started tracking my food. With the metabolism of a hibernating frog, it’s easy for me to overeat; gotta work on burning more calories while also making better food choices. Thank goodness the holidays are behind us!

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