Finding the good

I can barely keep up with what day of the week it is — and today I realized it is JUNE. The year is half gone, and it’s been fairly shitty so far. Today I’m having one of those “I just can’t take one more bad thing” days, which means I need to focus on some good. Here are ten things that don’t suck (in no particular order):

  1. I’ve had time to work on a couple of quilts, which is something I really wanted to take up after the kids moved out. They did, and so I have. I’m learning, trying new things, and have joined a couple of groups online where I can ask questions without feeling dumb.
  2. I continue to make masks, mostly for friends and family, and have supplied my entire office with a colorful selection. I enjoy the bright fabrics and fun prints, which I’ve been buying from local quilt shops (thereby helping them stay in business).
  3. The backyard is looking fantastic – everything is so green, the garden is coming along well (we’ve been eating lettuce for a couple weeks), and we’ve been tackling projects that we put off for years.
  4. The warmer weather makes outdoor hang-with-friends possible (just a few, well-spaced, with masks), and my heart needs to not see people on screens now and then.
  5. A good portion of my state has opened back up, to varying degrees, and my county is on track to do so soon.
  6. We have been cooking more at home, which has made a positive impact on our eating-out costs.
  7. I had a frank discussion with a person-of-color at my chiropractor’s office about race and his experiences, and his has been mainly fair treatment and limited exposure to racism, for which I was very glad.
  8. I learned how to listen to audiobooks from the public library, which has been a great background to sewing masks.
  9. There are two babies due in the family this year, and I do love babies…
  10. I do not rely on my soap business to generate an actual income, and so despite losing more than three quarters of my sales this year due to cancellation of street fairs, it will not affect my ability to pay our bills.

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