Waiting for the Madness

I mentioned that I signed up for a couple of knit-alongs, right? Well, the first one is set to begin any day now and I’m anxiously awaiting it – Sock Madness! It’s via Ravelry, and some 3,000 knitters will compete against each other on a series of challenging sock patterns. I’m a little nervous, it’s my first year participating; but I’m also excited for the challenge. There will be cables, lace, colorwork, and beads (yes, beads on socks!), and all will have the ticking clock behind them.

There is no way I’ll be the ultimate winner, but I am confident in my ability to make it several rounds (there are seven or eight rounds total) before being eliminated. The emphasis is on both speed and accuracy, so no modifying patterns – which I generally do with gleeful disregard to the designer. Hehe.

In preparation, I’ve pulled sock yarns from the stash and wound them; I ordered beads for the three pairs that will use them. And I’ve been clearing up the WIPs a bit so I don’t feel quite as guilty neglecting them in favor of this madness.

Not that I generally feel badly about the number of WIPs I have, mind you. I have come to complete acceptance that I am not a monogamous crafter.

The second -along is actually a crochet-along, the Sophie’s Universe blanket. This one is being done via a LYS and we start on March 9th. A couple of months ago the Mr. found two totes of yarn in the attic that had been forgotten; one of them has enough Knit Picks Brava Worsted yarn to do the blanket so I felt compelled to sign up.

While I wait for these both to drop, I’ve been doing a bit of English Paper Piecing (EPP). I didn’t think I’d like it – I’m pretty much against hand sewing in general. But I’m pleasantly surprised at how well my stitches are turning out, and how much I like the process. I’ve got two projects underway, a scrappy bee-themed blanket and a slightly more planned one with flowers done by color (currently working on reds).

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