Slow Crawl Time

Yarn store crawls are a ton of fun – and I’ve done a number of them over the years. It usually takes the form of a frantic weekend of driving all over the region to dash into a store and browse for a few seconds before grabbing the free pattern and maybe a stamp or punch in my store passport. It’s a special kind of madness, running into other groups of crawlers and checking out shops that are outside my usual fiber territory.

This year I’m participating in the Slow Yarn Crawl – PNW. It runs all summer, so it’s a less frantic way to plan the store visits; a few tucked into a weekend here and there with friends or while running other errands. I’m going to pick up my passport this weekend, and will be collecting my first stamps from B-Town Yarn and Makers Mercantile. A couple more shops are planned later this month, with friends.

If you are a knitter, crocheter, weaver, spinner, or other fiber person, I recommend you try a Crawl if you haven’t already. Grab a friend or two, pack some car snacks, and map out your stops. Knit on!

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