Who rescued who?

Ten days ago we took in a stray cat. So far, it’s going well! She seems to have a steady personality; her initial fear moved into cautious acceptance, and then into curiosity. We don’t know how old she is, or if she’s had any vet care (an exam is scheduled); I place her around 3-5 years based on her physical appearance and behavior. She has definitely spent a great deal of time as an outside cat – her hunting skills are well-honed and she prefers to sleep in a secluded location (like under our bed). She is physically very strong, a good jumper, and completely naïve about some aspects of living in a house… for example, she doesn’t know how to get into the windowsills if the curtains are closed, and she hasn’t figured out that the cardboard scratching boxes work best if you face them lengthwise rather than from the short side.

I dubbed her Poppy, like the troll, for her propensity for hiding under couches and beds and for being a little eccentric. 🙂 She likes cheek scritches, cozy blankies, and fuzzy mice. Her house manners are pretty decent, and now that she’s feeling comfortable with us she’s started trying to get outside. I’m going to try to curb that, both for her safety and for the local bird population. Here’s how much she loves cozy blankies:


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